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Notable features that will sell your home faster

Some homes already have these; others only need to do some tweaks and minor upgrades to achieve these. If you plan on getting your home sold faster and at a great deal, you can ramp up these particular home features to draw in the most attention from buyers.

Attached garage

Garages these days are no longer simply for housing your vehicle. They can also be used for additional storage space to keep things at the main residence tidy.

Central heating and cooling system

This feature is a must-have if you want potential buyers to take notice of your home for sale. An even better option is having a smart thermostat that not just relies on set schedules for bringing the right temperature to the home but also knows when to regulate itself even if you think you don’t need to.

Walk-in shower

This particular home feature will benefit those with limited mobility as there are lesser obstacles to pass through and possibly trip on.

Laundry area

More homebuyers are looking for homes with dedicated laundry areas in them. This keeps clothes and other fabrics washed, dried, ironed out, and stored conveniently in one area alone. This also minimizes incidences of laundry strewn everywhere.

Ample storage areas

Home storage is essential in keeping a home clutter-free, which is why this is a popular feature among people shopping for homes. Big closets, in fact, can be used to rationalize a relatively high market value placed on a home.


Nothing can transform the overall mood and temperature in a home more than a fireplace. Beautiful as it is functional, this feature is one instant crowd-drawer.

Ground-floor master bedroom

Many homebuyers will go for a home with a master bedroom in it; more so if this master bedroom is located on the first floor. This is a common choice among those living with senior adults or those thinking long-term when they themselves can no longer climb up a flight of stairs.

High ceilings

The promise of better indoor ventilation leads many homebuyers to look for a house with high ceilings, preferably those at least nine feet away from floor level.

Floor-to-ceiling windows

It’s not only the windows themselves that make this feature enticing to homebuyers but also the spectacular views one can witness through these windows. Many luxury homes and modern high-rise condos have these types of windows for the aquarium feel and the 90-to-360-degree vistas.

Natural light

The best kind of indoor lighting is natural light streaming in. This proves to be a big plus in minimizing electricity costs, as well as in upping the ante on the home’s aesthetics. Letting natural light in can be done by simply doing away with heavy drapes and giving your windows a deep clean.


When people want to go for a spa-like experience in the comfort of their own home, a luxurious bathtub can become the centerpiece of such a pleasurable activity. That’s why a soaking tub is a big come-on for homebuyers, especially in newly constructed homes.

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