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How to rent a house in just a few steps

Is purchasing a house in Utah not an option for you right now? Do you want some flexibility in your living arrangements? Do you prefer renting instead of home ownership?

Regardless of your background and motivation, there are plenty of homes for rent in Salt Lake County. Options are wide-ranging and include single-family homes, apartments, condos, and townhouses. Continue reading for simple tips on how to rent a house in Salt Lake County.

Budget comes first

Similar to buying a house, it is important to establish a budget before you actively look for homes for rent in Salt Lake County. To get a rough ballpark for types of properties you are interested in, a quick search on online listing sites for rentals will do the trick.

In addition to the rental price, do not forget to factor other expenses such as utility and maintenance costs, renter’s insurance (if needed), and moving costs, to name a few.

List down your must-haves

To help you narrow down your options, it is wise to carry a list of must-haves as you tour homes for rent in Salt Lake County.  This can include anything, from your ideal location and community amenities to property features and proximity to school, work, and public transportation.

Having a list of must-haves will also remind you of your priorities and make compromises as you see fit.

Work with a real estate agent

Regardless if you are new to Salt Lake County or a long-time resident, finding the ideal rental property would be much easier if you work with a real estate specialist. Find an agent who specializes in rental properties in your target areas to narrow down your search even further.

If you would like, you can start searching for homes for rent in Salt Lake County here.

Discuss and negotiate rental terms

Rental terms and policies vary depending on the landlord or property management looking after the rental property.

For instance, some properties must have a lease term of 12 months, while others can be leased for a shorter period of time. Pets are welcome in others, while some landlords and property managers prohibit them completely. If you plan to search for a roommate, you must also check if it is allowed.

Before you sign a rental application and commit, it is important to carefully go through the rental terms and see if they fit your lifestyle, situation, or plans. Do not be afraid to negotiate certain terms. If you are 100 percent qualified to rent, the landlord or property manager might approve your requests.

Finalize and sign the agreement

Once you find a rental property you like with rental terms and policies you find agreeable, fill up the application form. If your application is approved, the last step left is to sign the agreement.

Before you do, make sure to review the contract. Then, sign the document if everything is exactly as was discussed. The only thing left to do is to move into your new home in Salt Lake County.

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