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Online home buying trends per age group

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There are a number of amazing homes for sale in Salt Lake County, but the way that we use the internet to find the ideal property often varies depending on certain factors – and we’ve found that one of the main aspects affecting search methods is age. The internet has changed the way we live our lives in so many ways, and buying and selling house is just one of many examples of this.

In our opinion, everyone will experience the process differently, but there are some interesting patterns between individuals belonging to the same age groups that many people will be interested to know.

The difference between older and younger buyers

We weren’t surprised to see that it’s far more common for younger individuals to go online during house hunting/buying. While there are many older people who use the internet to both sources and buy their homes, the majority stick to more traditional methods.

Almost all of those in the market aged between 20 and 40 tend to take advantage of the internet and all the benefits that can come from property searching online; from the ability to apply for a mortgage without a face-to-face meeting, to taking virtual walk-throughs of potential homes.

When we looked at the difference between the age groups, it was clear to see that older individuals simply aren’t as likely to go online to conduct their business. A recent survey showed that around 92% of individuals under the age of 38 frequently use the internet when buying properties, whereas only 50% of those who are over 70 are likely to go online regularly to initiate and complete home buying transactions.

One interesting factor that we’re sure will interest our readers is that many people find that using the internet doesn’t necessarily make the process easier. Most individuals who were born around the 1950s reported that they didn’t find the real-world buying/selling processes complex, where most millennials found the procedures involved to be far from simple for them to complete. Most boomers were far more satisfied when buying a home too (online or otherwise), which is another detail that gives food for thought.

There are a number of other elements that vary depending on age group, too. For example, we found that those aged between 73 and 93 tend to prefer detailed home descriptions, whereas those of any other age group found photographs and visual data to be the most helpful to determine which homes would be best suited to their needs.

What we were not surprised to hear is that the biggest difficulty for people of all age groups and generations was the process of actually being able to sift through the multitude of listings and finding the house that they want to buy.

Finding the right Salt Lake County realtors

There are many great properties located in Salt Lake, which is why we want people looking to buy to pick a trustworthy team of realtors to help them on their journey. There’s no denying that an experts’ help can make a huge difference regardless of age – and this is why it can be so important for anyone to take advantage of the services that they could offer today.

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