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Factors to consider when buying a condo

Are you among the growing number of people who are now considering condos for sale, specifically in Salt Lake County? Here are some tips, as well as some words of caution, as you prepare to achieve your home buying goals.

Your lifestyle preferences

  • Minimal home upkeep. Why worry about a leaky roof or a broken-down air-conditioning unit when you can spend your time concentrating on your work or bonding with the family? After all, there’s the homeowners’ association employing people to take that chore off your hands in a condo. But if you dream of wide-open outdoor spaces where the kids can play or where you can start your own garden, you may fare better with a single-family home or a townhouse.
  • Socializing with the neighbors. If you don’t mind having neighbors who are just a wall away from you, then you can get used to the condo life. Some HOAs may even organize special events for the condo community, and that means even more opportunities for forming new friendships among the people in the same condo as you. On the other hand, if you value your privacy and easily get bothered by noises coming from your next-door neighbors, you may want to think twice before making that condo purchase.
  • Security. There’s a certain beauty in being part of a tightly-knit group like a condo community. You get extra eyes looking after you and your property so there are little chances of people with nefarious intentions trespassing in your abode. Plus, many condo buildings are also equipped with security cameras and personnel guarding the premises 24/7.

The amenities

This is one of the biggest draws of condo living – having access to a whole bevy of amenities available to you. Apart from these being shared with the rest of the condo residents, they are also managed and maintained by a dedicated staff hired by the HOA. Choose the condo with the facilities that will not only make the most impact on you but will also be attractive to buyers during resale.

Here are some of the facilities that condos usually offer:

  • Pool
  • Private park with outdoor seating
  • Grilling facilities
  • Business center
  • Fitness facilities
  • Parking
  • Clubhouse

The HOA and its guidelines

A well-kept condo with happy residents is usually the result of a well-managed HOA. Fees are transparent to all and properly accounted for. Moreover, residents can see how their contributions are used in the level of upkeep done on the property, as well as the timeliness of repairs or replacements made on broken facilities and fixtures. This is the kind of condo management to look for.

The HOA’s guidelines are also something to consider. Check these to see if they align with your lifestyle. They may have certain restrictions that may not sit well with you.

The agent to work with

Since buying a condo is a substantial investment, you have to make sure that you commit the least mistakes in this endeavor. That is why working with the right agent is a great idea. The best real estate agent to choose is one with substantial experience in selling condos. This is the kind of agent who will always have your best interests in mind.

There’s no need to look further for that kind of experience and expertise in handling condominium properties in Salt Lake County – Capital Real Estate has these credentials and more. For the most fulfilling condo-buying experience, call us today at 801.330.8986 or send us an email at info(at)capitalrealestate(dotted)co.