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Everything you need to know when renting a mobile home

a mobil home in camping

A mobile home (also known as a manufactured home) is a fantastic option if you are looking for a place that is in between a condo or apartment and a single-family home. It can also cater to just about anyone, from young professionals to retirees looking to downgrade.

Before you hit the real estate market to search for mobile homes for rent in Salt Lake County, here are a couple of things you need to know about renting a mobile home.

  1. Mobile homes are different from modular homes

    Although they are both prefabricated types of residential real estate, there is a stark difference between mobile and modular homes. Mobile homes, as the name implies, can be transferred to another location. The same can’t be said about modular homes. It’s because modular homes are placed on permanent foundations.

  2. The more modern name for these buildings is “manufactured home”

    Today’s manufactured homes are no longer considered “mobile”. It is because mobile homes are older, typically built during the 1960s. The ones that were built starting from 1976 no longer qualify as mobile homes.

  3. They are sturdy pieces of real estate

    A common misconception about manufactured homes is that they can easily be torn down by natural phenomena such as tornadoes and hurricanes. That is not exactly true. Many manufactured homes now undergo rigorous testing to make sure they can withstand strong downpours and wind speeds.

  4. Manufactured homes are energy-efficient

    Most, if not all, of today’s manufactured homes strictly follow the HUD code. They also meet a lot of special requirements. For instance, manufactured homes must be insulated based on their locations. Bedrooms and kitchens must have ventilation fans.

    It is also not uncommon for manufacturers to go above and beyond when it comes to energy-efficiency. There are manufactured homes in the market equipped with ventilation systems that are above minimum standards. Some manufacturers are also part of the Energy Star program.

    As such, living in a manufactured home can help you save on energy costs and even lower your carbon footprint.

  5. There are several options on how you can rent a manufactured home

    The assumption is that you will be most likely renting a mobile or manufactured home that has already been transported to a specific location.

    You might rent a mobile home within its own private lot. You might also find a mobile or manufactured home to rent in a mobile home community. For the latter, you might have to shoulder an added expense: lot rent. This is often included in the total rent cost.

Amenities and utilities offered in a mobile home community can also vary. Before you commit to renting a certain mobile or manufactured home, check what is available and calculate other possible additional fees and expenses.

Capital Real Estate can help you find mobile homes for rent in Salt Lake County. Browse our website to search or get in touch with our team today at 801.330.8986 or info(at)capitalrealestate(dotted)co to explore more of your options in the area.